Vietnam wedding shoot for Singaporean


The story of your love captured at the scenic sights of Vietnam.

The union of two people for love is a momentous occasion deserving to be creatively documented. At COLOURS OF VIETNAM, talented people who are passionate about their craft take you to the world renowned and picturesque wonders of Vietnam and record your precious moments through their beautiful photographs.

A wide range of equally professional, dedicated and talented photographers, both locally and internationally, are welcome for you to choose from.

All details of the shoot and packages availed will be coordinated and wrapped up in Singapore so that you and your lover’s sole concerned is to enjoy the dreamy and magical Vietnam as the fine photographers of COLOURS OF VIETNAM ensure that your wonderful moments are beautifully captured for a perfect beginning to happily ever after.

With slogan “Photos that make you reminisce the moments as if you are there once more

Our wedding photography package will take you to world renown destinations in Vietnam, such as Ha Long Bay, Danang, Da Lat, and Nha Trang – all well known for their spectacular beauty and charm. Colours of Vietnam offers the following packages :

  • Stunning Saigon package
  • Scenic Da Lat package
  • Romantic Nha Trang package

Package Interests level

Stunning Saigon
Scenic Da Lat
Romantic Nha Trang


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